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Instructor-specific Course Descriptions

Summer 2017 Session 1

PHIL 101 Intro/Philosophy - 11:45-1:15 M-F
Dr. Edward Falls


Phil 244 Professional Responsibility - 11:45-1:15 M-F
Dr. Alex Feldt


Philosophy 252 Contemporary Moral Problems - 11:45-1:15 M-F
Michael Ball-Blakely


Phil 252 Contemporary Moral Problems - 1:30-3:00 M-F
Jeffery Pannekoek


Phil 340 - 1:30-3:00PM M-F
David Palmer
“What makes actions right or wrong?  Are there objective standards of right and wrong or is what’s right or wrong culturally determined or a matter of opinion?  And more generally, what’s so important about being “moral” in the first place?  In this class, we’ll read a mix of historical and contemporary philosophers, with an eye to figuring out just what ethics/morality is supposed to be, whether it’s objective or subjective, and why (if at all) we should care about it.  The class will be discussion-based, and we’ll see whether we can all come out of the class more ethical/moral people than when we started.”

PHIL 345 Bioethics - 9:45-11:15 M-F
Dr. Sarah Harper


Phil 370 - 11:45-1:15PM M-F
Josh Watson
Philosophy of religion is a branch of philosophy dedicated to critically examining basic religious notions and commitments. In this course we will discuss a variety of problems that have animated the philosophy of religion, including miracles, suffering, foreknowledge, faith, reason, death, and the existence and nature of a divine reality.

Summer 2017 Session 2

PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy - 11:45-1:15 M-F
Alex Richardson


Phil 244  Professional Responsibility - 11:45-1:15 M-F
Clayton Carden


Phil 252 Contemporary Moral Problems - 9:45-11:15 M-F
Dr. Nolan Hatley


PHIL 370 Philosophy of Religion - 11:45-1:15 M-F
Dr. Josh Watson

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