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Our Undergraduate Program

The Philosophy Department offers both a major and a minor in Philosophy. Students majoring in Philosophy may also pursue concentrations in political and legal philosophy or in the philosophy of science and medicine. They may also pursue either of these concentrations or the general major as an Honors concentration. Full details may be found in the catalog.

The Philosophy Department also awards several significant undergraduate scholarships; holds the annual Mark and Inge Moore Undergraduate Philosophy Essay Contest; and facilitates the UT Undergraduate Philosophy Club . For questions about these or any other aspects of our undergraduate program, please contact Adam Cureton, Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Whether you want to major or minor in Philosophy, it is essential that you consult the UT catalog for the official and controlling statement of degree requirements and that you discuss your plans and anticipated program with a member of our department's faculty so as to ensure that you will meet all requirements in a timely fashion.

Concentrations in Legal and Political Philosophy and in the Philosophy of Science and Medicine

In addition to the general concentration, the Philosophy Department offers two additional formal concentrations (each of which also has an "Honors" version). These concentrations are in Legal & Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Science & Medicine. The areas and topics emphasized by these concentrations are widely recognized as well-defined, integrated areas of study within the discipline of Philosophy. The UT Philosophy department offers significant faculty and curricular resources in these areas. The concentrations significantly enrich our undergraduate curriculum by providing students aiming for careers in a variety of legal, medical, scientific, and policy professions with a Philosophy major tailored to their interests and ambitions. The concentrations should also help students applying to a variety of professional schools (e.g., law, medical, business, public affairs, and other fields in which Philosophy majors are highly competitive and successful) draw additional positive attention to their applications.

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