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Name Title Areas of Interest Email
Richard Aquila
PhD, Northwestern
Professor Emeritus history of modern philosophy, Kant and Schopenhauer, Sartre
Jordan Baker
PhD, University of Tennessee
Teaching Post-doctoral Fellow metaphysics; Philosophy of Action
Nora Berenstain
PhD, University of Texas
Associate Professor philosophy of science, metaphysics, feminist epistemology
Ginger Clausen
PhD, University of Arizona
Lecturer ethics and feminist philosophy
E.J. Coffman
PhD, Notre Dame
Associate Department Head
epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of religion, action theory
Adam Cureton
B.Phil., Oxford
Ph.D., UNC Chapel Hill
Associate Professor ethics, political philosophy, Kant, philosophy of disability
Alex Feldt
PhD, University of Oklahoma
Senior Lecturer political philosophy, ethics
David Frank
PhD, University of Texas
Lecturer environmental ethics, philosophy of biology, philosophy of social science
Georgi Gardiner
Ph.D. Rutgers University
Assistant Professor Epistemology, social philosophy, legal philosophy, philosophical methodology
Jon Garthoff
Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
ethical theory, political philosophy, philosophy of mind
Kristina Gehrman
Assistant Professor Ethics, Action Theory
Sarah Harper
PhD at Boston College (2007)
Lecturer ethical theory, bioethics, service learning
Nolan Hatley
PhD, University of Tennessee
Lecturer Nietzsche, environmental philosophy
Shidan Lotfi
PhD, Florida State University
Senior Lecturer ethics, philosophy of science, philosophy of biology
Margaret Moore
Ph.D., Temple
Lecturer Aesthetics, Philosophy of Music, Philosophy of Mind
Paul Nichols
John Nolt
PhD, Ohio State University
Professor logic, environmental philosophy, Nietzsche
David Palmer
PhD, University of Texas
Associate Professor metaphysics, philosophy of mind, action theory, ethics
Matthew Pamental
PhD, Indiana University
Lecturer American Philosophy (Dewey), environmental ethics, ethics and animals
David Reidy
PhD, University of Kansas
JD, Indiana University
Professor political philosophy, philosophy of law, history of ethics, Rawls
Max Robitzsch
PhD, University of Pennsylvania
Lecturer ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy
J. Clerk Shaw
PhD, Washington University-St. Louis.
Associate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies
ancient philosophy
Marlin Sommers
PhD, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  Epistemology, Philosophy of Business
Mariam Thalos
PhD, University of Illinois, Chicago
Department Head
Sam Von Mizner
PhD, University of Tennessee
Lecturer Wittgenstein and 20th century Analytic philosophy
Josh Watson
PhD, Purdue University
Senior Lecturer metaphysics, early modern philosophy
Ryan Windeknecht
PhD, Keele University (UK)
Senior Lecturer
Experience Learning Faculty Fellow
political philosophy

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