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Mark FagianoMark Fagiano

801 McClung Tower
Knoxville, Tennessee 37996-0480


I enjoy teaching philosophy. For each day I enter the classroom, I am afforded the opportunity to share with students a variety of philosophical concepts and arguments that have the potential to shape and re-shape the trajectories of their lives.

My current areas of interest include: ethics, social and political philosophy, pragmatism, the philosophy of race, the philosophy of science, and the philosophy of mind. And my research in these areas has contributed to the general thesis and structure of my forthcoming book with Indiana University Press, Pragmatism about Race (2016). I think this book is unique in that it offers a pragmatic-relational account of race discourses, a way forward in ethics and social political theory, and some practical suggestions for practicing democracy as a way of life. I am currently working on a second book that examines a number of contemporary philosophical questions about the nature of empathy and argues for historically rich and pluralistic accounts of empathy for practical purposes.

I earned my Ph.D. in Philosophy from Emory University, where I met and made friends with some amazing scholars. Before coming to Atlanta, I earned an M.A. from the G.T.U. Berkeley and wrote my thesis on the methodological approaches of philosophical phenomenology, the study of religion and folkloristic/anthropology

Ethics, social and political philosophy, pragmatism, philosophy of race

Recent, representative publications

  • Pragmatism About Race under contract (Indiana University Press, 2016)
  • Empathy and Social Justice. (forthcoming). To be submitted in the Fall of 2016
    "Pluralistic Conceptualizations of Empathy" Submitted Journal of Speculative Philosophy, September 2015.
  • "The Rise and Demise of Eliminativismin Race Theory" to be submitted to Critical Philosophy of Race, November 2015.
  • Review: Albert Atkins, The Philosophy of Race (Durham: Acumen Publishers). Critical Philosophy of Race, Fall 2013
  • "Pluralistic Conceptualizations of Empathy" The American Philosophies Forum (April 2015, Savannah)
  • "Empathy and the Legal Profession," Emory University (September, 2014, Atlanta)
  • "The Racializing Process: Collectivity, Singularity and the Matrix of ExperientialCircumstance," The American Philosophies Forum (April 2013, Atlanta)
  • Empathy, Safety, and Responsibility Conference: created and co-hosted an Interdisciplinary conference on the growing problem of slips, falls, and deaths among the elderly in America. (Held at Emory University; keynote speaker: Ralph Nader).

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