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Adam CuretonAdam Cureton

Associate Professor
808 McClung Tower
Knoxville, TN  37996-0480

Fax: 865-974-3509
Personal Website

I serve on Chancellor's Commission on Diversity and Inclusiveness and I am the president of the Society for Philosophy and Disability.

My Ph.D. is from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Before that, I earned a B.Phil at Oxford University where I studied as a Rhodes Scholar. I joined the Department in 2011. 

I mainly work in ethics and on Kant, but I also have interests in philosophical issues of disability.

Recent, representative publications

  • The Moral Concept of Right as Adjudication’, forthcoming in Mark Timmons, ed., Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics, Oxford, Oxford University Press.
  • ‘Reasonable Hope in Kant’s Ethics’, forthcoming in Kantian Review
  • 'Prudence and Responsibility to Self in an Identity Crisis,’ Res Philosophica, 93(2), 815-842.
  • 'Kant on Virtue: Seeking the Ideal in Human Conditions,' (with Thomas E. Hill) forthcoming in Nancy Snow, ed., The Oxford Handbook of Virtue, Oxford, Oxford University Press.
  • 'Kant on Cultivating a Good and Stable Will,' forthcoming in Iskra Fileva, ed., Perspectives on Character, Oxford, Oxford University Press.
  • 'Unity of Reasons,' forthcoming in Ethical Theory and Moral Practice.
  • 'Offensive Beneficence,' Journal of the American Philosophical Association, 2(1), 74-90.
  • 'Some Advantages to Having a Parent with a Disability,' Journal of Medical Ethics 42(1), 31-34.
  • 'Making Room for Rules,' Philosophical Studies 172(3), 737-759.
  • 'Some Virtues of Disability,' International Journal of Applied Philosophy, 19(1), 19-35.
  • 'Justice and the Crooked Wood of Human Nature,' in Alexander Kaufman, ed., Distributive Justice and Access to Advantage: Papers in Honor of G.A. Cohen, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 79-94.
  • 'Kant on Virtue and the Virtues,' (with Thomas E. Hill) in Nancy Snow, ed., Cultivating Virtue: Multiple Perspectives, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 87-110.
  • 'A Contractualist Reading of Kant's Proof of the Formula of Humanity,' Kantian Review 18(3), 363-386.
  • 'From Self-Respect to Respect for Others,' Pacific Philosophical Quarterly (94), 166-187.
  • 'Solidarity and Social Moral Rules,' Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 15(5), 691-706.
  • 'Degrees of Fairness and Proportional Chances.' Utilitas, 21(2), 217-221.


  • The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Disability, edited with David Wasserman, under contract, Oxford, Oxford University Press.
  • Disability in Practice:  Attitudes, Policies and Relationships, edited with Thomas E. Hill, forthcoming, Oxford, Oxford University Press.
  • Disability and Disadvantage:  Re-examining Topics in Moral and Political Philosophy, edited with Kimberley Brownlee, Oxford, Oxford University Press.

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