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Emeritus, Retired, and Deceased Faculty

Kathy Bohstedt

Retired Associate Professor
815 McClung Tower
Knoxville, TN 37996-0480

Phone: 865-974-7215
Fax: 865-974-3509


My Ph.D. is from Ohio State University and I joined the department in the fall of 1973.

Philosophy of anthropology, philosophy of language, Wittgenstein, philosophy of mind

Recent, representative publications

  • Book
    • Philosophical Issues in Cultural Anthropology (now under review)

  • Articles
    • "Necessity and Convention in Wittgenstein's Later Philosophy," Essays in Philosophy, Vol 1, no 2 (2000).
    • "Must Intentional States Be IntenSional?" Behaviorism, Vol. 17, no 2 (1989): 129-136.
    • "Slips of the Tongue," Philosophical Psychology, Vol. 2, no 2 (1989): 203-222.
    • "Meaning and Mental States," Behaviorism, Vol. 16, no 2 (1988): 99-107.

Undergraduate courses in introductory philosophy (metaphysics and epistemology), philosophy of anthropology, logic, and critical thinking.

Graduate courses in philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, Wittgenstein, phenomenology and analytic philosophy

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