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Nora BerenstainNora Berenstain

Department of Philosophy
801 McClung Tower
Knoxville, Tennessee 37996-0480

Phone: 865-974-3255

My Ph.D. is from the University of Texas. I joined the Department as Assistant Professor in 2012.

My research in the metaphysics of science focuses on the role of mathematics in the empirical sciences, the relationship of math to modality, and the question of whether laws of nature have natural necessity. I work on structuralism in math and science, and I am particularly interested in the relationship between structuralism in mathematics and ontic structural realism in the philosophy of physics.

My work in feminist epistemology focuses on epistemic oppression and the social dimensions of knowledge within a background of intersecting structural oppressions. I investigate the inner workings of structural epistemic phenomena such as epistemic exploitation, structural gaslighting, and settler colonial administrative violence, and I explore the everyday material effects of epistemic oppression.

Structural oppression and science have many intertwining and intimate relationships. Most of these relationships have been mutually supportive and reinforcing. Scientific disciplines and theories have offered explanatory stories and foundational arguments for the ‘naturalness’ of the presumed inferiorities of populations on which many structural oppressions have been built. Structural oppressions, in turn, provide background interpretive contexts in which scientific hypotheses and theories are evaluated, making purported scientific confirmations of, for instance, biological explanation of gendered differences in sexual behavior and racial health disparities, appear to be empirically well-established. Less frequently have science and scientifically developed concepts been used to interrogate and intervene in the existence of the structural oppressions they have long supported and reinforced. My current work explores the possibility of levying key scientific notions against structural oppressions by theorizing and characterizing them in all their robustness and asking what might be needed for their genuine disruption.


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