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Ergo | Spring 2016

Undergraduate Program News

Our undergraduate program is flourishing. 

As of spring 2016, we have a record high in recent years of over seventy majors and twenty-five minors.  There are many opportunities available to these students during their studies with us.  Each year, with limited funding, the department is able to award scholarships to its most promising students, and help them with post-graduation plans and careers.  We also sponsor an undergraduate essay prize.  In addition, the undergraduate philosophy club meets weekly in a café near campus to discuss philosophical topics.  There are "meet your professor" sessions, in which professors meet with club members to discuss their research.  The philosophy club also has regular movie screenings in the library, hosting discussions of philosophically informed films such as Terrence Malik's "Days of Heaven" and David Lynch's "Eraserhead."

Within the major, we offer a wide range of classes in almost all areas of philosophy.  We have also recently developed two new concentrations within the major to help students wishing to follow careers in law or medicine: legal and political philosophy, and the philosophy of science and medicine.

Many of our undergraduates go on to graduate school in philosophy.   Kathleen Connelly, a recent graduate and department scholarship recipient, now attends the philosophy doctoral program at University of California, San Diego, and a top-ranked program.  Some go to graduate school in other areas.  For example, Kevin Gayler, a recent philosophy double-major, now is enrolled in the chemistry doctoral program at Baylor University.  Many receive offers from outstanding law schools.  Gabe Quistorff recently received an offer from Duke Law, and Jessica Schultz, another scholarship recipient, received an offer from South Carolina Law.

As well as further education, many of our majors pursue careers in education, business, and the arts.  Kristen Beard, another of our scholarship winners, works for a local Knoxville media company; Aaron McClain has recently opened his own craft brewing company in Knoxville.

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