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Ergo | Spring 2016

Faculty Accomplishments

In addition to serving this year as Co-head of the department, Richard Aquila continues as chief editor of the Kantian Review.  His book chapter "The Transcendental Idealisms of Kant and Sartre" has appeared in Sorin Baiasu (ed.), Comparing Kant and Sartre (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016), pp. 217-56.

Nora Berenstain Nora Berenstain won a College Convocation Award for her work directing the Intersectionality Community of Scholars and organizing its spring symposium.  Her article "Scientific Realism and the Applicability of Mathematics to Physical Modality" was recently accepted for publication in Synthese, and a chapter entitled "What a Structuralist Theory of Properties Could Not Be" is soon to appear in a new Oxford volume.  She has recently presented papers at Michigan State, the University of Colorado, Boulder, a conference on Analyzing Social Wrongs, and the APA Central Division conference.

EJ CoffmanE. J. Coffman's book Luck: Its Nature and Significance for Human Knowledge and Agency (Palgrave Macmillan) appeared last year.  He also published "Strokes of Luck" in The Philosophy of Luck, edited by D. Pritchard and L. Whittington (Wiley-Blackwell, 2015) and entries on luck, warrant, and the Mind Argument, in The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy (3rd edition), edited by Robert Audi (Cambridge).  E.J. has been awarded a College of Arts and Sciences Lindsay Young Professorship for 2015-17.

Adam Cureton Adam Cureton has recently published papers in the Journal of the American Philosophical Association, Philosophical Studies, Journal of Medical Ethics and Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, as well as chapters in various collections published by Oxford and Cambridge.  He has a contract to co-edit the Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Disability.  He has recently given talks at the Arizona Normative Ethics Workshop, the International Kant Congress, and the National Institutes of Health and is a member of the APA Diversity Institute Advisory Panel and the UT Accessibility Implementation Team.

Sam Duncan has papers on "The Nature of the Emotions and the Ethics of Non-therapeutic Psychopharmacology" and "Hegel and Marx on Embodiment, Labor, and Property" forthcoming, respectively, in Public Affairs Quarterly and a SUNY Press volume on Property and Contemporary Governance.

Mark Fagiano's article "Pluralistic Conceptualizations of Empathy" has just appeared in The Journal of Speculative Philosophy.

Alex Feldt recently gave invited presentations at Oak Ridge National Lab and the Western Political Science Association.

Jon GarthoffJon Garthoff has three papers recently published or accepted for publication:  "The Salience of Moral Character" in the Southern Journal of Philosophy, "The Priority and Posteriority of Right" in Theoria, and "Rawlsian Stability" in Res Publica.  He has also given talks at the Workings of Democracy conference in Reykjavik, Iceland, Wake Forest University, the University of Kentucky, the University of Miami, and the 2016 Eastern Division Meeting of the American Philosophical Association. 

Kristina Gehrman Kristina Gehrman has spent this academic year as a UT Humanities Center Fellow.  She has been invited to write a chapter for a book entitled Mark Twain and Philosophy, and her paper "Absorbed Coping and Practical Wisdom" was accepted by The Journal of Value Inquiry.  She recently presented her paper "Hierarchy, Anthropocentrism, and the Great Chain of Being in Modern Ethics" at UCLA. 

Markus KohlMarkus Kohl has recently published the articles "Kant and 'Ought Implies Can'" in Philosophical Quarterly and "Kant on Freedom, Idealism, and Standpoints" in Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie. He received an NEH summer stipend to work on his book project on Kant's doctrine of freedom and has presented papers at the University of Oslo and the Pacific Study Group of the North American Kant Society.

Margaret Moore will be teaching at the NEH summer institute on Moral Psychology and Education at Grand Valley State University this summer.

John Nolt's seventh book, Environmental Ethics for the Long Term, was published by Routledge last year.  He has recently been invited to speak at Stanford, Calgary, Frankfurt, the Centre de Recherche en Éthique in Montréal, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Cornell.  A new book entitled Incomparable Values is in the works.  It offers an axiomatic treatment of partially ordered values and explains their roles in thought and decision-making.

David PalmerDavid Palmer recently edited a book entitled Libertarian Free Will: Contemporary Debates for Oxford and published an article in Synthese on moral responsibility.  He is speaking at the APAPacific Division this year on punishment.

David ReidyDavid Reidy is very much enjoying the return to his regular faculty work, especially his return to the classroom.  His most recent book, The Cambridge Rawls Lexicon, which he co-edited with Jon Mandle and to which he contributed many entries, was published in 2015.  He has recently presented invited papers at the University of Chicago, University of California-Berkeley, and the World Congress of Social Philosophy and Philosophy of Law.  Revised versions of the first two papers are forthcoming in Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics and the Journal of the History of Ideas, respectively.  A revised version of the third paper is committed to a forthcoming volume on basic liberties. 

Clerk ShawClerk Shaw's book, Plato's Anti-Hedonism and the Protagoras, was published by Cambridge last April.  The book will be the subject of an Authors-Meets-Critics session at the Pacific APA this spring. Clerk's paper "Punishment and Psychology in Plato's Gorgias" appeared in Polis, and a long article on "Ancient Ethics" appeared in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.  This year he has introduced a new class on Philosophy in Late Antiquity. 

Josh Watson has had an article accepted for publication in The Philosophical Quarterly, "Thinking Animals and the Thinking Parts Problem."

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