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2019 Tennessee Value and Agency "TVA" Conference

March 8-10, 2019


Please register here. There is no registration fee, but we need to know your attendance for catering.   Registration deadline:  Feb 15, 2019

Friday, March 8

4-5 PM
5-5:45 PM “Vestiges of Agency: Medical Decision-Making for Incapacitated Patients”
Speaker: Jeffrey Pannekoek (Department of Philosophy, UT)
Chair: Alex Richardson, UT
6 PM Welcome
6:15 PM Keynote: “Situations, Structures, and Epistemic Justice: The Inevitability of Aiming for Virtue”
Speaker: Alex Madva (Philosophy, Calpoly Pomona)
Chair: Sam Von Mizener, UT
7:30 PM Reception

Saturday, March 9

8-9 AM
Breakfast (provided)
9-9:45 AM
“Autonomy, Deep Agency and Battling Inner Unfreedom”
Speaker: Mollie Teitelbaum (Center for Bioethics, NYU)
Chair: Eddie Falls, UT
9:50-10:35 AM “Instrumental Rationality, Agency and the Rational Criticizability of Desire”
Speaker: Shr-Jie Jian (Philosophy, Oxford University)
Chair: Christian Golden, UT
10:45-12 PM
Keynote: “Dual-Process Perspectives on Automaticity and Control”
Speaker: Michael Olson (Department of Psychology, UT)
Chair: Jordan Baker, UT
12-12:45 PM
“Learning from experience: Why a closed personality is an obstacle to agency”
Speaker: Michael Prinzing (Philosophy, UNC Chapel Hill)
Chair: Marlin Sommers, UT
12:45-2 PM
Lunch (provided)
2-3:15 PM
Keynote: “When Moral Sentiments Depend on Social Relationships, Not Agency”
Speaker: Alan Fiske (Anthropology, UCLA)
Chair: Jon Garthoff, UT
3:20-4:25 PM
“Enhancing Desire”
Speaker: Steven McFarlane (Philosophy, University of Minnesota/Morris)
Chair: Linh Mac, UT
4:30-6 PM
Keynote: “Choosing Well and the Challenge of Intransitivity”
Speaker: Chrisoula Andreou (Philosophy, Utah)
Chair: Kristina Gehrman, UT
6:30 PM
Conference Dinner (UT Conference Center)

Sunday, March 10

8-9 AM Breakfast (provided)
9-10:30 AM
Keynote: “Decision Making under Scarcity”
Speaker: Jiaying Zhao (Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, UBC)
Chair: Caroline Mobley, UT
10:30-11:45 AM
Panel: Chrisoula Andreou, Alex Madva, Michael Olson, Mariam Thalos (UT)
Chair: Margaret Moore, UT

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