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Ryan Gabriel WindeknechtRyan Gabriel Windeknecht

Department of Philosophy
801 McClung Tower
Knoxville, Tennessee 37996-0480

Phone: 865-974-3255
Curriculum Vitae

I rejoined the Department in 2012, having earned my BA in Philosophy from the University of Tennessee in 2004. Before rejoining the Department, I taught at Keele University (UK), where I also earned my PhD in Politics and International Relations in 2011.

I work in political philosophy, focusing on the problem of political obligation. It seems there are as many solutions as there are philosophers trying to solve it, but I am most interested in how such philosophers understand the moral relationship that exists between individuals and their political societies.

Recent, representative publications

  • "Associative Political Obligations and the Distributive Objection." Phenomenology and Mind (forthcoming) (with J. Horton).
  • "Is There a Distinctively Associative Account of Political Obligation?" Political Studies (forthcoming) (with J. Horton).
  • "Law without Legitimacy or Justification? The Flawed Foundations of Philosophical Anarchism." Res Publica 18/2 (2012): 172-188.

Recent, representative presentations

  • "Reconsidering the Analogy between the Family and the State." 60th PSA Annual Conference; Edinburgh (UK); 29 March-1 April 2010. 6th Annual Workshops in Political Theory; Manchester Metropolitan University (UK); 2-4 September 2009.
  • "Associative Responsibilities, or Reconceptualizing Political Obligation." Law and Philosophy Conference; University of Stirling (UK); 11-12 December 2008.
  • "Driving Through the Desert and Other Moral Dilemmas: the Depoliticization of Political Obligation." 5th Annual Workshops in Political Theory; Manchester Metropolitan University (UK); 10-12 September 2008.
  • "Natural and Nonnatural States." 2nd ECPR Annual Graduate Conference, Universitat AutonĂ²ma de Barcelona (ES); 25-27 August 2008.
  • "Anarchism, Toothless and Otherwise." 4th Annual Workshops in Political Theory; Manchester Metropolitan University (UK); 3-5 September 2007.


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