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Workshop on Free Will, Metaphysics, and Science: 2014 Annual Spring Symposium

2014 UT Philosophy Spring Symposium: "Free Will, Metaphysics, and Science"
Saturday, April 5th, 2014
University of Tennessee

This one-day workshop brings together some leading philosophers to discuss the interplay between free will, metaphysics, and science, with questions like: do scientific results show that free will is an illusion? How do contemporary developments in metaphysics (e.g., substance, causation) shed light on the traditional problem of agency and free will?

Papers will be presented by Al Mele (Florida State), Carolina Sartorio (Arizona), Scott Sehon (Bowdoin) and David Palmer, (Tennessee).

There will be 2 sessions in the morning, and 2 sessions in the afternoon, followed by an evening reception. (Mele will talk on whether contemporary scientific results show that free will is an illusion; Sartorio will talk on how the metaphysics of causation bears on the free will problem; Sehon will discuss how teleological explanations of action bear on the free will problem; and finally some little known rising star called Palmer will talk about how freely-willed actions might be uncaused events.)

All are welcome. (Yes, it is a Saturday, but if you spend *one* weekend this academic year doing philosophy, make it this one! OK, this one and the November Saturday of the 2nd annual UT Philosophy Tennessee Value and Agency Conference.)

For further information, please contact David Palmer,, or 865 974 3255.